O'Brien dragged into US presidential campaign

Trump highlights Clinton links in statements attacking rival

29th September, 2016
Clinton business links are Trump's latest target. Pic: Getty

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has brought Irish businessman Denis O'Brien into his latest attack on Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

In a statement published on his website, Trump makes disparaging comments about O'Brien, who is referred to as a "cell phone tycoon with close ties to the Clintons". The statement includes links to a number of media reports and commentary on controversies surrounding O'Brien and his business activities.

It links to a Clinton Foundation list of donors which says that O'Brien and his Digicel mobile phone company have donated between $10m and $25m to the foundation.

The statement also goes into detail about the award of the second mobile phone licence to Esat Digifone in 1995 and the subsequent establishment and findings of the Moriarty Tribunal, again with links to Irish media reports. It also highlights the controversy over O'Brien's purchase of Siteserv, which sparked the setting up of a Commission of Investigation into IBRC, the former Anglo Irish Bank.

it also refers to various legal actions involving the businessman in Ireland.

The O'Brien release is one of a series labelled 'Follow the Money' released on Trump's website, which focuses on alleged links between the Clintons and a number of business people.

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