Newsround: what Wednesday's papers say

Ross seeks package for pensioners in budget and sterling slide to hit hard-won jobs

5th October, 2016

The top stories in Wednesday's newspapers:



Ross seeks package for pensioners in budget (p1)

Public nursing home bed costs €700 more than private sector (p1)

Private equity firm paid €3.6 million by Clerys in run-up to sale (p1)

Tragic discovery of elderly brothers (p1)

Cars to be banned from parts of Liffey quays under council cycle path plan (p2)

Senior gardaí lodge 16.5% pay claim and maintain threat to strike (p4)

Cabinet organises all-island talks to prepare for Brexit (p7)

Exchequer returns ahead of target (p15)



Rudd attacks business over willingness to hire foreigners (p1)

Britain drops below France in rank of economic powers (p1)

UK cabinet eyes interim single market deal (p2)

IMF slims down growth forecast for second time (p3)

FT Big Read: US election – the rise of the Trump Democrats (p15)

Deloitte bucks Brexit trend with European consolidation (p19)

Arnault junior takes lead role as LVMH snaps up Germany luxury luggage stake (p19)

City urges 'open philosophy' on immigration (p21)



Sterling slide to hit hard-won jobs (p1)

Disabled brothers lay dead for days at home (p1)

Britain leaving EU is 'catastrophic' for peace in the North, court told (p5)

It takes up to four years to save a mortgage deposit (p6)

Buyers bid for O'Reilly's personal collection (p8)

Last-minute budget push to resurrect burial grant (p12)

Mid-rank gardaí demand 16.5% pay rise (p14)

New gaffe as Trump questions mental strength of troops (p22)

IMF warns of backlash as growth is 'too low for too long' (p29)



Brexit impact hits as growth predictions fall (p1)

Senior gardaí's actions 'beyond inquiry' (p1)

TDs give themselves a week off just one month into term (p1)

Mid-rank gardaí seek 16.5% pay rise (p4)

Coveney appoints expert group on Cork local government (p6)

PAC says it was entitled to ask about Rehab pay (p7)

Trump angers veterans' groups (p9)

No room for budget largesse in tax revenues (p14)

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