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Matt Cooper: Why Tommy Tiernan’s heartfelt pleas for Africa are likely to go unanswered

There are few votes to be won in being generous internationally and a massive government commitment to alleviate hardship at home is why appeals for assistance to drought-stricken areas of Africa may have little effect

Tommy Tiernan and Trócaire doctor Shueb Abdishakur Ali meet 86-year-old Ibrahim Issack Bulle in Kaharey camp in Somalia. Picture: Miriam Donohoe/Trócaire

Tommy Tiernan has gone all Bono on us. The comedian and RTÉ chat show host has been moved emotionally by what he saw on a trip recently to the horn of Africa, as the U2 singer was in decades past.

Tiernan has demanded that the state give more money than it is currently giving in aid to the third world. And because he is Tommy Tiernan, this demand is getting a lot of attention. Both ...