Lucinda Creighton: Sinn Féin sits back and enjoys the show as coalition ties itself in knots

The phony war over agricultural carbon emissions resulted in a damp squib of a deal that will please neither the minority of Greens, who won’t be happy until the whole country is vegan, nor traditional Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael voters who feel ignored

Mary Lou McDonald, president of Sinn Féin: the party has tapped into the frustrations of middle Ireland. Picture: PA

The current coalition government has a terrible habit of theatrically generating public political rows which end in tears for all concerned. The motive behind these spats appears to be to create the impression that each party is fighting hard to defend the interests of its “core” support. They escalate the rhetoric in the media and deliberately wash their dirty laundry in public, all to be seen to be defending their base.

Usually, those doing this ...