Lucinda Creighton: Playing to the Tory gallery may be key to entering 10 Downing Street

With Rishi Sunak hampered by the fact that he was a major player in Boris Johnson’s downfall, the real battle this week is likely to be between Penny Mordaunt and Liz Truss

According to the bookies, a lot of money is being gambled on Penny Mordaunt, who emerged as the grassroots’ favourite for new Tory leader in the past week. Picture: PA

The British Conservative Party’s leadership campaign is shaping up to be an interesting, and not entirely predictable, contest.

Unlike Boris Johnson’s coronation as Tory leader and prime minister in 2019, the result of this race is far from guaranteed. There is plenty of scope for mishaps and smears to trip up the remaining candidates between now and September 5, when the winner will be declared.

So far, the issue of Brexit has not dominated the ...