Lucinda Creighton: Never mind cows, transport is our main issue and green hydrogen can help fix it

If we embrace the huge opportunity provided by nature, in the form of wind, and leverage that with innovative technologies which can deliver clean energy such as green hydrogen, our emission targets may begin to look more achievable

Green hydrogen is not a hypothetical solution, it has a proven track record in the large scale deployment of cars, trucks and buses across Europe. It doesn’t just reduce carbon emissions, but instead completely eliminates them. Picture: Bloomberg

There are no simple solutions to the challenge of decarbonising our environment. Transitioning to green and cleaner sources of energy to fuel our commercial and domestic lives is a very difficult process, requiring almost unquantifiable expenditure and some amount of pain for many industries and consumers along the way.

There has been much commentary and sometimes unfair targeting of one sector – farming – which is sometimes treated as though it is the ultimate source ...