Lucinda Creighton: Johnson’s ability to bounce back may be about to desert him, along with his party colleagues

While Boris Johnson once beguiled British voters with his bumbling antics, he has made many enemies on his way to the top – something which is now coming back to bite him

Boris Johnson: The lack of a moral compass is a great benefit in modern elected politics, and his strategy of choice is generally to brazen out controversies. Picture: AFP via Getty

Has Boris Johnson finally run out of road? The once Teflon-coated British prime minister certainly appears to have become immensely more gaffe-prone, and not in the bumbling, charming way he was once famous for. Instead he is struggling to salvage his premiership and his political career.

Gaffes and Johnson go together like tea and toast. As mayor of London, this Eton-educated member of the British elite defied logic by endearing himself to the public and ...