Northern Ireland

John Walsh: Support for Brexit in Britain goes much deeper than we even realise

As long as Brexit remains a politically destabilising force in Britain, the risks for Ireland remain high — but it is naive for us to assume that the British government will realise the errors of its ways and reverse its policies

Mick Lynch, secretary-general of the RMT in Britain: the straight-talking union leader has won a big fanbase in Ireland, but he is one of several prominent second generation Irish people to show support for Brexit

Mick Lynch is the sort of no-nonsense trade union leader that is a godsend for the workers he represents. His simple direct message that spiralling inflation is eroding the living standards of struggling rail workers has chimed with a surprisingly large swathe of the British public.

His mordant rhetoric has skewered a number of Conservative MPs and made him a social media sensation, including in Ireland. Lynch’s father is from Cork, his mother is from ...