John Walsh: Our housing provision system is at breaking point and needs a radical overhaul

Ibec’s idea to use rising tax revenues for a national infrastructure fund makes sense, but the housing crisis shows that the way we spend the money is as important as putting it aside

The most recent mortgage figures show that only people on high incomes can afford to buy homes, leaving those in the social and affordable home sector at risk of poverty and homelessness. Picture: Bloomberg

Ostensibly, Ireland is the envy of most other countries as normally only petro-states can boast national coffers in the same rude health as this one’s. But there is a downside to having bulging fiscal surpluses as it requires politicians to show restraint at a time when the political cycle is applying pressure to show largesse.

The refrain constantly bandied about at the recent National Economic Dialogue (NED) was that Ireland is among the richest countries ...