James McDermott: Pay me my money down – the Boss is not alone in charging megabucks

From Bruce Springsteen to Taylor Swift, ticket prices have never been higher — and even an artist being deceased is no longer a barrier to creating more revenue

Bruce Springsteen might write remarkable songs about blue-collar workers, but he won’t be singing to many of them charging those prices during a cost-of-living crisis. Picture: Getty

Bob Geldof famously sang ‘I don’t like Mondays’, a sentiment unlikely to be shared by Bruce Springsteen. Last Monday at 8am, tickets for Springsteen’s four Irish concerts in May 2024 went on sale at prices ranging from €96 to €160.

These quickly generated approximately €25 million for Springsteen, providing him with plenty of reasons to like Mondays. But among the usual euphoric cheers that Springsteen was returning to Ireland were complaints about the ticket prices.