James McDermott: Here’s a good tip – workers should be paid a living wage, and soon

The proposed tips and gratuities bill is needed, but replacing the minimum wage with a living wage would mean our most vulnerable workers do not have to rely on the generosity of strangers for their income

A policeman’s tip to a waitress inspired the 1994 film It Could Happen To You, starring Bridget Fonda and Nicolas Cage

When Robert Cunningham, a police detective, finished one of his regular meals in South Pizzeria in Yonkers in 1984, he had no money to leave a tip. He did, however, have a $1 ticket for the New York State Lotto, so he suggested to Phyllis Penzo, his waitress, that they each choose three numbers and share any winnings.

Days later, Cunningham called Penzo to tell her that he had just won $6 million, and that ...