Ian Guider: Digicel hopes for a €1 billion payday in the South Pacific

As the Australian government nervously eyes potential Chinese interest in Denis O’Brien’s phone company, the businessman could find himself at the centre of a very lucrative bidding war

Denis O’Brien has been under the media glare because the Australian government has been desperately trying to engineer a deal to get Telstra, Australia's equivalent of Eir, to buy Digicel’s business in the South Pacific. Picture: Courtpix Dublin

Denis O’Brien is no stranger when it comes to being the centre of media attention. But even he must be somewhat bemused when it comes to his growing profile in Australia right now.

For weeks, the Australian media has featured multiple stories about O’Brien and Digicel, his mobile phone company. And for once, O’Brien might be enjoying the publicity because he could be about to pull off a most unlikely deal.

The reason O’Brien has ...