Five key takeaways from IBEC’s quarterly outlook

The employer’s group has noted the devastating impact of the pandemic and has cuts its growth forcast as a result, but it also believes Ireland is well-placed to recover if the vaccine rollout is successful

The latest quarterly outlook from Ibec says most Irish adults should have their second Covid-19 vaccine dose by the end of June, while surging exports, pent-up household savings and a sustainable national debt profile offer cause for hope of a recovery. Picture:

The message from Ibec’s latest quarterly forecast is clear – things may seem pretty awful right now but there are significant reasons for hope.

With over 650,000 people unemployed, a further 310,000 reliant on wage subsidies and a sluggish vaccine rollout, businesses certainly don’t have far to look for evidence that all is not well.

Ibec believes the current Covid-19 restrictions mean these worrying unemployment figures will continue into the second quarter, prompting the ...