Elaine Byrne: How the people’s champions became tools of the Kremlin propaganda machine

In their Dáil days, Mick Wallace and Clare Daly were fearless in the public interest, but their subsequent tenure in Europe has amplified their controversial world view

Mick Wallace and Clare Daly: their transformation from anti-establishment politicians on the domestic stage to celebrity status among autocratic state-controlled media has been remarkable. Picture: NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty

What has happened to Clare Daly and Mick Wallace? The MEPs for Dublin and Ireland South have repeatedly caused controversy in the European Parliament in recent months.

The two former high-profile TDs have described the European Parliament as being “anti-Russian”. They are widely regarded as pro-Kremlin and pro-Beijing mouthpieces at the heart of European democracy, largely motivated by anti-American sentiment.

This tweet, from last February by Wallace, gives a clichéd flavour of their anti-imperialist worldview: ...