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Editorial: We must continue to stand with Ukraine as Putin’s war continues indefinitely

As tens of thousands are called up to to fill the ranks of Russia’s depleted and demoralised army, there’s a terrible possibility that this will make this war longer-lasting, more dangerous and murderous than it is already

Russian president Vladimir Putin appears on a screen at Red Square as he addresses a rally and a concert marking the annexation of four regions of Ukraine after a series of sham referendums. Picture: Getty

The more Vladimir Putin pretends to be strong, the weaker he sounds. The more he insists on the greatness of Russia, the more primitive his country seems. The more he proclaims victories on the battlefield, the more Russia’s losses are exposed.

Seven months after he ordered the invasion of Ukraine, there is an almost frenzied quality to the Russian president’s lies and distortions of history. As he raises the stakes, he looks increasingly like a ...