Editorial: Ugly and unnecessary British borders bill must be shelved

The proposed British Nationalities and Borders Bill breaches the spirit of both the Northern Ireland protocol and the Good Friday Agreement. It should be ditched immediately

The British government has said there will be ‘no checks at the border’. This implies that, even as it imposes an irritating and time-consuming requirement on travellers, it has no intention of enforcing it. Picture: Rollingnews.ie

If Brexit demonstrates anything, it is that the government of Boris Johnson does not give a damn about Ireland, North or South. Anybody who doubts this should pay attention to what the British government does, not what it says.

Johnson is “reforming” Britain’s immigration laws, and is claiming a post-Brexit mandate to do so in his frantic search for the “benefits” of leaving the EU. The Nationalities and Borders Bill now being debated in the ...