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Editorial: Truss-Macron meeting is hopeful sign for settlement of protocol dispute

The first gathering of the European Political Community, which marked a resumption of cooperation between Britain and France, is a welcome development

Liz Truss, the British Prime Minister and France's President Emmanuel Macron during a meeting on the sidelines of the European Political Community meeting at Prague Castle in Prague, Czech Republic. Picture: Getty

Liz Truss rather gave the game away during the Conservative party leadership contest. Asked whether she considered French president Emmanuel Macron a friend or a foe, the soon-to-be British prime minister replied, “The jury’s out.” It was an idiotic comment steeped in the prejudices of Brexit, and evidence of how contemptuous of their friends in Europe the Tories have become.

To his credit, Macron did not take offence; now Truss has made the first move ...