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Editorial: Greens will face many roadblocks in plans to reduce car use

The Greens’ Climate Action Plan aims to reduce emissions by discouraging car use, but Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil politicians are likely to push back on any measures they feel put their constituents at a disadvantage

Eamon Ryan, Minister for Transport and Green Party leader: transport is about to become the focus of climate action in Ireland. Picture: Julien Behal Photography

The most ambitious and difficult period of the Green Party’s term in government is about to get under way. Forget what you’ve heard about agriculture being the bogeyman of climate change – transport is about to become the central battleground for Irish climate action.

Transport is Ireland’s second-highest greenhouse gas-emitting sector after agriculture. But while reducing emissions in agriculture is difficult for cultural and economic reasons, reducing emissions in transport requires behavioural and technological change ...