Deirdre Heenan: Donaldson’s echoing of the voice of hysteria smacks of desperation

The embattled DUP leader is in dire need of a win, but his entente cordiale with Jim Allister’s hardline Traditional Unionist Voice is recklessly ill-advised

Jeffrey Donaldson: ‘I cannot sustain a situation where we are required to use the political institutions in Northern Ireland to implement the protocol that is designed to undermine our place within the union.’ Picture: PA

Just two years ago, the DUP was the centre of attention at the Conservative Party conference. The party held the balance of power in Westminster and Arlene Foster, its leader, was revelling in her newfound influence and media profile.

This year’s annual conference was an altogether different affair. The DUP’s loss of influence under Boris Johnson’s regime was all too apparent as it was relegated from centre stage to the margins.

The hubris and grandstanding ...