'Austerity was an anti-business policy' - Brendan Ogle

Firebrand trade union official talks to the Sunday Business Post about the challenges that lie ahead for Ireland

10th February, 2017
Camera shy? Brendan Ogle Pic: Fergal Phillips

For a man who is a familiar face on the pages of newspapers and voice on the airwaves, it is surprising to learn Brendan Ogle claims to hate publicity.

In fact, Ogle says he gets nervous every time he does an interview to the point where he doesn’t eat - and afterwards worries if something he said came across badly.

But this Sunday Ogle puts aside his media nerves and speaks extensively with our Political Correspondent Hugh O’Connell.

Controversy has followed the trade unionist for almost 20 years, who first came to prominence in 2000 as a shop steward for Siptu-affiliated rail workers in Athlone.

Now at 49, Ogle has set himself new challenges.

In this weekend’s Sunday Business Post, Ogle talks Apollo House, politics, austerity Trump and his new daily online news outlet.

He tells O’Connell: “Austerity was an anti-business policy,” he declares. “How does taking money off of the people who buy sandwiches, want a haircut, want to buy a new pair of shoes, aid the small businesses up and down a country. How does taking money out of their pockets help the small and medium businesses?”

Don't miss the full engrossing and entertaining interview, only in this weekend's Sunday Business Post.

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