Analysis: Making sense of the GameStop surge

The wild ride of retailer’s share price has naturally led to much head scratching from those unfamiliar with the drama or the idea of a short squeeze, so what does it all mean and what might the repercussions be?

‘GameStop is a retailer of computer games and related paraphernalia, with an online presence but not a famed one and has generally suffered greatly through the Covid-19 pandemic.’ Picture: Getty

Throughout the debate over the GameStop share price surge, there has been one objective victim. That is one Zoah Hedges-Stocks who has needed to explain to people on Twitter that Hedges-Stocks is her surname and that she too doesn’t offer financial advice.

With that formality out of the way, let’s get to the fun stuff. What on earth is happening with GameStop?

While most of the hype has been this week, the train left the ...