Analysis: Can Sinn Féin really deliver on the many promises it makes?

Some may cheer the utopia set out by Mary Lou McDonald’s party, while others will question the viability of its policies

‘Change is one of the most powerful messages in politics, representing in just one six-letter word an end to all ills, and the intoxicating allure of new beginnings. But neat political narratives like this deserve to be challenged, because they are rarely true.’ Picture: Sasko Lazarov/

Ahead of the Dáil’s return to Leinster house tomorrow, following a year of socially distanced sittings in the Convention Centre, Mary Lou McDonald told Sinn Féin members at the party’s think-in that the “era of abnormal politics” was now over.

But a return to normal politics was not necessarily a good thing, the party leader warned, as serious political change had yet to be delivered, at least not the version envisaged by McDonald.

“Sinn Féin ...