Aidan Regan: What will global tax games mean for the future of Treasure Ireland?

The exact source of Ireland’s soaring tax take since the ending of the Double Irish is opaque, but untangling the corporate structure of Alphabet reveals how vulnerable our corporate tax boom is

That sinking feeling: Ireland has clearly become the sink location for profits and intellectual property of pharma and tech giants domiciled here. Picture: Irene Fox

In 2015, the Irish government collected around €6 billion in corporate tax. At the end of this year, it will collect more than €14 billion. That’s a 130 per cent increase in seven years.

In two years alone, 2020 and 2021, the corporate sector will have contributed a whopping €30 billion in tax, which is almost equal to the entire annual health and education budget. There’s no other country in the world where this boom ...