Aidan Regan: Tories’ Brexit games aim to distract from Britain’s dwindling finances

Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party colleagues know they have made Britain poorer, more bureaucratic, more unequal and more expensive, that’s why they are reigniting the Brexit fight by ripping up the NI protocol

British prime minister Boris Johnson: would rather mobilise his party base through ripping up the protocol than acknowledge that Britain’s has political economy problems. Picture: Getty

Due to Covid-19, it has been difficult to accurately assess the impact of Brexit on the British economy. But with the lifting of pandemic restrictions, and the recent publication of various research papers on the topic, we are getting a much clearer picture of the effect. The general conclusion is damn sobering for Brexiters.

Brexit has made Britain poorer, more unequal, more bureaucratic, and more expensive. It’s hardly surprising that Boris Johnson and the far ...