Aidan Regan: How a new generation is rising to the challenge of greening our economies

Young social scientists have looked at ways in which the ECB and national fiscal authorities could work in tandem to finance a renewable energy revolution, while pricing the fossil fuel industry out of existence

To be of use to society in the current crisis, the ECB should combine sectoral specific inflation-fighting tools with a green monetary policy that pushes down the cost of capital for governments seeking to invest in climate action. Picture: Getty

One of the best things about being an academic is attending and presenting research at international scientific conferences. You get to hear the latest research in your field from all over the world, long before it seeps into wider social debate and policymaking. This research is also typically free from the political and discursive constraints that come with policy-oriented consultancy.

Two weeks ago, I attended the annual conference of the Society for the Advancement of ...