Sunday July 12, 2020

Citizens suing jobs minister over ‘biometric profile’ data

In a groundbreaking case, 30 plaintiffs claim the government’s use of Public Services Card data breached privacy laws

New rural homes to shoulder cost of connection to broadband

Eamon Ryan told an Oireachtas panel last year that the National Broadband Plan offered rural dwellers better deal than those in Dublin

Tony O’Brien: Quarantine rules are hardly worth the paper they’re written on

No government can be expected to get everything right on Covid-19, but the authorities have no margin for error on this one

Susan Mitchell | 3 hours ago

The R factor: the digit that is shaping our lives

Since the pandemic began, the R0 number has been pored over on a daily basis by medics and the media. Whenever it rises to 1 or more, alarm ensues. But just how effective is it at telling us the rate of coronavirus infection?

Rosanna Cooney | 3 hours ago

Widow of nursing home resident seeks ‘urgent meeting’ with Donnelly

Mary Bartley-Meehan’s solicitor says she rejects the claim that was issued on behalf of former health minister Simon Harris, which said Hiqa had engaged with the family

Letting travel take off again could lead us into risky territory

Ryanair, Ibec and others want the travel restrictions lifted, but many observers and academics are counselling caution as Covid-19 cases continue to spike in foreign countries

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Britain’s former anti-slavery commissioner says business supply chains can often contain firms that exploit workers


The law has finally caught up with disgraced socialite Ghislaine Maxwell. She and her late lover Jeffrey Epstein were the central players in a depraved world of wealth, luxury and privilege where naive young teenagers from poor backgrounds were treated as disposable sexual playthings

Marion McKeone | 11th July, 2020

You have two free days and a full tank of petrol. Which part of Ireland do you head for? Here, we present the six best and most scenic driving routes around the country

A new report has laid bare an apparent gender bias against female musical acts on Irish radio. Why has this come about, and how can it be reversed?

Potager has reopened with the choice of two very pleasing tasting menus and comforting social distancing measures

In the 1980s, three of Disney’s top animators came to Ireland and founded a studio that would create cartoon classics like An American Tail and The Land Before Time. This is the story of how they did it


The Covid Tracker app has already been downloaded more than one million times

Emmet Ryan | 12th July, 2020

Thompson charged with fraud after he allegedly took combined $7m in bitcoin trades from two companies

Covid Tracker Ireland has been designed to be as user friendly, and as minimally annoying, as possible, but for it to succeed, we need to do more than simply download it

St Joseph’s Secondary School in Rush, Co Dublin decided to switch to using iPads in the depths of the last recession after linking up with educational technology firm Wriggle

A premium hybrid laptop, a wireless doorbell and a new smartwatch get the once-over from the Guru this week