10 October 2015

Vintage Irish-made sports car to go on display

15:24, Post Reporter

A very rare example of an Irish-built American sports car is set to go on display next month.

The RIAC National Classic Car Show at Dublin's RDS on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of February will feature a running 17-foot Shamrock car, only a handful of which were ever made.

Originally designed for export to the US, it came into existence after a visiting American industrialist William Curtis decided to start a car manufacturing business here.

"Originally it was planned to produce about 10,000 cars a year from their Irish manufacturing plant. Unfortunately, the project never got that far," said event manager

Bob Montgomery.

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The car was made at a factory in Castleblaney in Monaghan and was lauded for its beauty, styling and elegance by the media at the time.

However financial troubles beset the project and it was finally scrapped in the early 1960s.

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