9 October 2015

Startup of the day: Emeraz

09:19, Philip Connolly

**Company:** [Emeraz](http://www.emeraz.com/home.php)

**Status:** active

**Founder:** Stephen Brett

**Support:** private investment

**What it does:** online platform for music industry


**Advice:** "Get the numbers right, do a business model and put serious thought into each section. It is great having the idea in your head but as soon as you get a business model done you will see where it is weak and how to improve."


Since the dawn of Napster, the music industry has become a different beast. Rather than being scouted by an A&R (Artists and Repertoire) man, many new artists now have to first make their names online.

As it becomes easier to release music online, it is becoming more and more difficult for a band to cut through all the noise and get noticed. A new Dublin-based company aims to help musicians connect with both fans and record labels online.

Founded by Stephen Brett, Emeraz, which launched earlier this year, is an online platform which aims to help emerging artists to network, pitch songs and get feedback from other artists and producers in the industry.

Brett has a background in the industry as an artist and has run a record studio for a decade.

"Essentially we offer a place where musicians can do everything they need to do all in one place," said Brett. "They can sell and stream their music, collaborate directly online and pitch songs to record labels. All of that is built into a Facebook-style social network."

Brett has first-hand experience of seeing bands struggle to get through to the right people. The site aims to give an opportunity to pitch to people in the industry who they would otherwise struggle to reach.

"I’ve seen exactly how bands were really struggling to get their stuff out," said Brett. "It is great putting stuff up online, but the tricky thing is to stand out from the crowd. We are becoming a filter for the industry. Part of that process is also giving people who aren't quite there some advice on what they need to do."

The site also has a function which allows musicians to collaborate online to fill in the weak spots in their music.

Brett developed the site with some private investment and his own earnings. Currently four people are working on the project while the back-end development of the site was outsourced to a team in India.

For Brett, the next step in the company’s development will be to market the site worldwide.

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