13 October 2015

Lee and Byrne to join Prime Time as part of RTÉ News changes

11:20, Samantha McCaughren

Presenters Claire Byrne and George Lee are to join the Prime Time team as part of a number of changes in RTE’s current affairs division announced by the broadcaster’s managing director of news and current affairs, Kevin Bakhurst.

Other developments include:

* A morning news television programme on RTÉ One from 9.00 – 11.00am, produced by RTÉ News Now, starting early in 2013

* The Frontline will move to a more prominent time slot of 9.30pm

* The Week in Politics will air on Sundays at midday on RTÉ One, as well as on Sunday evenings

* New roles of Science and Technology and GAA correspondents and position of Assignments Editor, Political News, will be created

* New RTÉ News Now app; re-vamped RTÉ News website, revamped Morning Ireland studio

* Bakhurst also said that a number of appointments would be announced in the coming week. They include editor, Prime Time; Head of Investigations Unit; Managing Editor, News (Television)’ and Western correspondent.

In the New Year, a new-look Prime Time broadcasting from a dedicated and larger studio will be launched.

RTE said in a statement that there would be significant emphasis “on cutting-edge technology for faster news-gathering”. This will include a roll out of smartphones with a capacity to feed directly into News bulletins and plans to link up with a wireless network in Dublin which will enable journalists to report live from anywhere in the capital.

Kevin Bakhurst, said: “These changes are a very clear signal of our commitment to strong current affairs programming and to investigative journalism. And as we bring in the latest technology to deliver our content, we will position RTÉ News as one of the most modern, multi-platform broadcasters in Europe.”


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