1 September 2015

Dublin might get stand-alone Google shop

09:22, Bloomberg News

Google may open its first stand-alone retail store at its European headquarters in Dublin, according to a filing by the world’s most popular search engine.

The Google Store would be open to the public and sell unspecified “Google merchandise,” Google’s Irish unit said in a local planning application.

Located in Dublin’s Montevetro office block, the shop would include about 123 square metres of space with an added mezzanine floor extension.

Last October Google opened a store inside a London branch of Currys and PC World, units of Dixons Retail, as a trial for selling laptop computers.

“While we do have the option to open retail space, we are examining all potential uses,” the California- based company said in an e-mailed statement. “No final decision has been taken.”

Retail may be a new front in Google’s competition with Apple, whose 361 stores have fueled sales of iPods, iPhones and iPad tablet computers.

Google is in the process of buying handset maker Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. for $12.5 billion to help it compete with Apple’s phones and Microsoft Corp.’s mobile software.

Google has a store for its merchandise at its headquarters in California, which isn’t open to the public. The company also offers its merchandise at www.googlestore.com, featuring everything from baby bibs to notebooks with the Google logo.

The planning application, prepared by consultants John Spain Associates for Google Ireland Inc., was approved by the Dublin City Council on Jan. 23. The document also describes a staff swimming pool in an area designed for use as a restaurant.

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