31 August 2015

Dublin Bikes Scheme to be expanded

15:49, Post Reporter

The Dublin Bikes Scheme is to be expanded with a grant of €2.6 million from the National Transport Authority.

The scheme is set for an expansion eastwards and westwards, from Heuston Station to Docklands. The move is part of a €43 million investment package in sustainable transport measures for the Greater Dublin Area in 2013.

Alan Kelly, the public transport minister, said the investment was a reflection of the success of the scheme, which is among the most successful bike sharing schemes in the world.

“This success needs to be built on. We have had more than five million journeys so far and many thousands of journeys are taken each day with more than 90,000 subscribers. Expanding this makes sense and will hopefully enhance the scheme significantly, with 59 additional stations and will be completed by 2014,” said the minister.

“We are hoping to use Dublin as an example to get bike schemes into other cities and we are also engaging feasibility studies to see if similar schemes would work in Tallaght and Dun Laoghaire,” he added.


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