9 October 2015

Startup of the day: Getbulb

06:50, Philip Connolly

**Company:** [Getbulb](http://www.getbulb.com/)

**Employees:** two

**Founder:** Oliver Mooney

**Funding:** [Startupbootcamp Dublin](http://www.startupbootcamp.org/europeans-cities/dublin/) and [DIT Hothouse](http://www.dit.ie/hothouse/)

**What it does:** transforms data into visualisations

There are few things more boring than sifting through a report filled with spreadsheets and basic charts. So how can a company make its reports more interesting and readable without hiring expensive design talent?

Getbulb aims to transform complex data into clear pictures. Founded by Oliver Mooney, the Dublin-based company was set up in October 2010 and employs two people.

The company wants to give its clients more than the pre-defined styles a spreadsheet offers, in a user-friendly manner.

"If you are a regular consultant you are not necessarily going to have any design ability," said Mooney. "It reduces the amount of skill you have to bring to the table."

The software will produce both printable graphics and also live web versions. According to Mooney the company has already made some pre-sales and is hoping to have an early version in May with a full launch later in the summer.

Getbulb is hoping to appeal to smaller consulting firms who want to compete with their large counterparts without hiring design talent. The company is also looking to media companies as a potential market. With data journalism becoming more popular, the company aims to give a cost-friendly and quick solution.

Getbulb will be delivered via the cloud. The company will offer both annual licensing and also a pay-as-you go service.

Mooney had previously worked as a policy analyst in the Higher Education Authority (HEA), a role that involved a lot of data gathering and statistics. He found that the only way he could communicate important data was through basic tables and charts.

"It was really annoying because we had some really interesting stuff to communicate," said Mooney. "I knew that nobody would be paying attention. I had to talk about it for about for ten minutes to explain what was happening. With a single good infographic you could have done it a lot quicker. It also would have been easier for the media to re-use."

Originally the company was accepted onto DIT Hothouse's incubation course. Mooney has spent the past year developing the product and meeting potential customers. Earlier this week Getbulb was named as one of the 10 finalists that will make investment pitches at the Startupbootcamp Investor Demo Day.

"The solution I had originally was a big freeform one that you needed a team of people to work," said Mooney. "I wasn't making any headway. At the boot camp they told me to do something that is much simpler that anyone can use."

Getbulb is one of the startups which will be vying for the attention of more than 200 investors and mentors in Dublin on May 16th. Based in Barrow Street, a stone's throw from Google, the Startupbootcamp Dublin programme provides each of the 10 teams with mentoring from industry experts, seed funding of €15,000, short-term co-working space, preparation for launching and investor days.

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